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About the course

Play Songs Correctly On Guitar is a course specifically for beginners.

When starting on the guitar, beginners usually want to learn to do 2 things : play competently, and learn some songs.

Beginners usually start off by learning a few chords, and then learning some easy songs. However, it's very common to get stuck in the middle of a song. This is because playing chords can be tricky at first, and changing chords is also a big issue which slows players down. All this can be very demoralizing.

Unfortunately many beginners aren't properly taught how to hold down a chord, and many aren't shown how to change chords at all. They're usually only given basic information and then left to fend for themselves. Diagrams are useful, but they're not enough.

I pride myself on my ability to break things down and explain them in a very clear way. In this course, I will teach students 6 songs, while guiding them in :

  • Holding down a chord
  • Strumming a chord
  • Changing from one chord to another
  • Playing the parts of a song, one chord progression at a time
  • Playing through small chunks of the song
  • Playing through the entire song

Not only will I explain everything in great detail so that it's crystal clear, I will also use diagrams, photographs and videos of me demonstrating all of the exercises. There will be absolutely no confusion as to what to do or how to do it, as they'll see me doing everything myself. They'll also be able to play the videos in slow motion if necessary.

Not only will I tell the student what to practice, I will show them how to practice. As long as they do what I do, they won't go wrong.

The objective and focus of this course is to teach the student how to play chords properly, how to change chords, and to guide them through the songs so that they'll be able to play them competently. The skills that I'll teach them will allow them to go on and learn many more songs with confidence.

The course consists of :

  • 12 PDF ebooks (282 pages in total)
  • 94 videos (4 hours total) PLUS more on youtube
  • Hundreds of illustrations (diagrams, photos, tables)
  • Total download : 3.88 GB

This course is on my membership site. However, the customer will simply make a one-off payment of $97.00 and they'll get unlimited access to it from my membership site.

There are no recurring payments to make. Just a one time payment. 

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