To start promoting Play Songs Correctly On Guitar :

To promote this course you'll need to become an affiliate. This affiliate program is managed by Clickbank (opens in a new tab/window) which is the most trusted 3rd party affiliate program manager on the internet. It's very easy, here's what you do :


Sign up to Clickbank

Just click HERE (opens in a new tab/window). It's free, and it only takes a couple of minutes to fill in the form.

You'll notice that when referring to your username, Clickbank uses the term nickname or Clickbank ID


Create an affiliate link (known as a hoplink)

A hoplink is a special type of URL which you will use in your marketing to take people to the sales page for the course. It's known as a referral tracking URL, as it contains within it information that identifies you as the referrer (affiliate).

When someone makes a purchase, the hoplink that took them to the sales page tells Clickbank who you are. As long as the visitor makes their purchase within 60 days, Clickbank will pay you 75% commission per sale of that particular product.

If you were to link to the sales page for the course with just the regular URL for that page...

...I would get all the profit from each sale and you'd get no commission. So, to ensure that you get your 75% share, you must use a hoplink.

There are 2 easy ways to create a hoplink. Please read these instructions first before doing anything, so that you understand how it works.

Option A

Construct it yourself

The format for a hoplink is :


To personalize it :

  • Replace : [AFFILIATE] with the nickname that you created when you set up your Clickbank account. 
  • Replace : [VENDOR] with the nickname of the vendor (me). My Clickbank nickname is :  johnmonty1

So, your hoplink for promoting this course will be :


Option B

Let Clickbank generate it for you
  1. Log into Clickbank and click on Marketplace.
  2. In Find Products, type "Play Songs Correctly On Guitar".
  3. You'll see the course listed. Click the PROMOTE button.
  4. In a pop up window you'll see your nickname. Click on the CREATE button. (for now, leave Tracking ID blank).
  5. Clickbank will now generate a hoplink for you, which will be automatically encrypted for security.

You'll also see a bit of HTML code, containing that hoplink. You'll notice at the end of the code it says "Click Here!". You can replace that text with anything you like.

You can use the hoplink itself, or the HTML code to take your visitors to my sales page. 

Tip : it's better to use the hoplink itself, as you can assign it to images, banners or any text you like for people to click on.

Before you do anything, I strongly suggest that you click HERE (opens in a new tab/window) and read Clickbank's own instructions.

When you join Clickbank, you'll create your Clickbank nickname and then you'll be able to construct your hoplink and get started promoting the course as soon as you're ready.

Feel free to try the two options above as many times as you like, until you get the hang of it.

Testing your hoplink

To test your hoplink, copy and paste it into your browser's address bar. If it goes to the sales page for Play Songs Correctly On Guitar, then so far so good. If not, start again and check that you're doing everything correctly.

When you reach the sales page, click on the order button as if you're going to buy the course, and look at the order form. Scroll right down to the bottom of the page and you should see the following in very small writing :

[ affiliate = YOURCLICKBANKID ]

If you see that, it means that your hoplink is working. But if you see this :

[ affiliate = none ]

...then you'll need to start again, and test it again.

When someone buys the course via your hoplink, you'll be paid $66.54, which is 75% profit (after Clickbank's fee).

You'll be paid by Clickbank bi-monthly, by check or directly into your bank account.

In your Clickbank account you'll be able to see the number of people who have visited the sales page via your hoplink, how many sales you've made, and your commissions, all in real time.

Now that you know how to get started, click on Promotional Materials below and I'll give you lots of resources that you can use in your marketing.